THE LATEST "Word from amber" archive

September 4, 2020 

It's been a long hiatus from live performance. As I get my plexiglass rig ready and "woodshed" late into the evenings (aka "rehearse"), I am BEYOND EXCITED to announce I'm returning to WISDOM'S ¡DOS! Sunday, September 6th from 11a-2p on the patio. MORE SHOWS are being added to the calendar on my SHOWS tab.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have generously contributed to my music-making and living throughout the last six months, and to all who continue to order, download and stream Roots Run Deep. YOU have helped keep the music alive during these times of challenge.  

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. May we proceed with kindness, compassion, regard and respect for each other, and may we work TOGETHER to heal. 

Blessings and peace to you, 

August 4, 2020 

THANK YOU TO ALL who have ordered, downloaded and streamed Roots Run Deep. YOU keep the music alive and your support helps me to continue creating. 

Check out my interview on KXCI 91.3FM Broad Perspectives Show HERE. My gratitude to Aspen Green and Kathy Harris for hosting my interview AND songs; and to KXCI 91.3FM for the awesome work they do in keeping our southern AZ community connected. 

Online shows coming soon. Stay tuned! 

With profound gratitude, 


July 24, 2020 

It’s here! Roots Run Deep has entered the world. Thank you to all who have supported its creation, the stellar musicians who made this music with me, and to all who order my music, download it, stream it, and share it. 

You can stream it here: 

Read more about it, download, and/or order a CD through my website here: ROOTS RUN DEEP 

This particular album has been a lifetime in the making. If you listen in its entirety, it will take you on a journey. I’d love if you’d venture with me through the music. In the upcoming weeks, I will share inspiration behind the songs and snippets from our recording sessions. 

Thank you for supporting my music. Without you, I couldn’t have made this album. 

With profound gratitude, 


July 23, 2020 

Tomorrow is the BIG day! My full length LP will be released into the world. This album feels like forever in the making, and in essence it was. Some of the songs I started writing decades ago and they've taken a lifetime to complete. 

Stay tuned for streaming links. In the meantime, preview songs and pre-order off my website here: ROOTS RUN DEEP 

If you haven't heard my new single, check out "Came Here to Love" on these streaming platforms: YOUTUBE / SPOTIFY / ITUNES/ APPLE MUSIC / PANDORA / DEEZER 

Let's be an UPRISING OF LOVE!! 

In light and gratitude, 


July 10, 2020 

YES! "Came Here to Love" has made its way out into the world!! Find it on any streaming platform (click the links): 


Thank you to all who pre-ordered the song off of my website! Your orders help me to continue making music. I could not do this without your generous support. 

Stay tuned for more info on the full-length album "Roots Run Deep" due out on July 24th, 2020! 

Let's do this...let's be an UPRISING OF LOVE!! 

With infinite gratitude, 


June 20, 2020

Hello out there, 

I can’t believe it’s been over three months since I’ve had a live, “in person” public performance. Ode to the surprises of life. I’m doing my best to stay creative, and learn new ways of doing business and music. My former-RN-heart is with the front line workers. And my social-justice-advocating-soul stands with those who seek Truth, unity and strive to put an end to injustice and racism. May we walk through our cultural reckoning with strength and grace, and may we be an UPRISING OF LOVE. 

The lyrics off of my new single “Came Here to Love” seem even more relevant these days: 

“Love is callin’, callin’ from the ruins”… 

Join me July 10th on any streaming platform for the release of this single “Came Here to Love” (it is one of the ten tracks off of my upcoming album “Roots Run Deep” to be released on July 24th). 

Follow me on SPOTIFY. 
If you’re an ALEXA /ECHO user, ask Alexa /Echo to follow Amber Norgaard, and rumor has it, Alexa/Echo will prompt you to listen to my new song on July 10th (you can let me know how that goes – I don’t have Alexa, or Echo for that matter ;-) 

I am in awe of the generosity of the human spirit and the support that I’ve received during this time of ambiguity. From the depths of my being, THANK YOU.