Amber Norgaard grew up on an Iowa farm and had a calling to be of service to the world. After graduating Creighton University School of Nursing, she set off to do volunteer work as a community health nurse in the Dominican Republic and Oregon.

Eventually, she settled for six years in southwestern Alaska, working as a nurse with a tribal health corporation. During this time, Amber discovered that music was a source of connection for people - transcending language and cultural barriers, relaying messages, evoking emotions and potentially facilitating healing on a profound level.

In 2004, Amber left Alaska to pursue a musical dream. Since then, the nurse-turned-musician has released three full-length albums and one acoustic EP. She was the 2007 Up & Coming Artist of the Year in the Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES), has received several honors from international songwriting competitions and placed second out of nearly 100 bands at the California-based 2007 Winery Music Awards. TUCSON LIFESTYLE magazine comments "solo, or with her band, she has proved to be a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with...the petite powerhouse is one part poet, one part social crusader." Indeed, she has an ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her compassionate life experience and knack for the healing arts shine through in her music.

Amber tours nationally. She has opened for Judy Collins and Ellis Paul. She has performed at events such as the Winery Music Awards (Paso Robles, CA), the Invasion of the GoGirls at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, the Provincetown Women’s Kickass Independent Songwriters showcase (Provincetown, MA), Big Arizona Music Festival (Tucson, AZ), McDowell Mountain Music Festival (Scottsdale, AZ), the Alaska Women’s Music Festival (Anchorage & Fairbanks, AK), the Sedona Jam Emerging Artist Music Festival (Sedona, AZ), and multiple festivals, street and art fairs, charity events, theaters, schools and many other venues nationwide.

In addition to performing, Amber speaks on the topic of "Music as a Healing Art & Instrument for Social Change" colleges. She has toured with the Canadian-based White Tiger's Girl Conference events, raising awareness for violence prevention and sexual assault issues among adolescents and young adults.

~2011 - Runner Up / Folk Performance Award / Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES)
~2008 - Amber's song "Rectify" selected for the Women of Rock compilation CD (MJR Films, Hollywood, CA)
~2008 Radio Crystal Blue Airplay Vote EP Winner
~2007 "Up & Coming Artist of the Year" in the Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES)
~2007 Second Place Winner in the Winery Music Awards
~2007 Runner-up in the TAMMIES for female vocalist, songwriter and best new release
~Voted BEST SONG in the 2007 Winery Music Awards Semi-Finals
~Finalist - Unisong Songwriting Competition (2007)
~Finalist - Give Us Your Poor Compilation CD featuring celebrity, homeless and indie artist songs (2007)
~Two Honourable Mentions - 2007 We Are Listening Singer/ Songwriter Awards
~Amber's song "Turquoise Sea" is included on Music Independence Summit Connection's compilation CD (2007)
~Runner-Up: Tucson Area Music Awards (2006 TAMMIES)
~Honorable Mention, 13th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Competition

~Arizona Illustrated (Arizona - PBS)
~KGUN 9 The Morning Blend (Tucson, AZ)
~Good Morning Arizona Show (Arizona-FOX)
~Midday Show (Arizona-NBC)
~D-Town (Tucson, AZ, Channel 12)
~Connecting Cultures (Tucson, AZ)
~Harrigan Afterhours Live (Tucson, AZ)
~Big Word Show (Arizona)
~SMU Cable TV (Iowa)

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"One of Tucson's great musical trailblazers..."

- Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

"...the emotions are heartfelt, delivered with a quiet passion and authenticity."

- Jim Lipson, Tucson Weekly

"Her lyrics don't paint a picture, they grab your arm."

The Iowa Entertainer

"The love child of Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant and Melissa Etheridge."

Coyote Moon Resort

"The musicianship on the album is rock solid and nimble, and the mix puts Norgaard's fluid, passionate voice up front, carrying the melody. She has always been a master of delivery, and her ability to meld styles from different genres (ranging from folk to country to rock) serves her well on this eclectic album."

- Tucson Lifestyle Magazine | kudos for Long Way Home

"The title cut offers glimpses into Norgaard's roots on the Iowa prairie, fusing present and past through a homecoming for a final goodbye. Here and on most of the rest of the album, the emotions are heartfelt, delivered with a quiet passion and authenticity. "

- Jim Lipson, Tucson Weekly | kudos for Long Way Home

"Her lyrics don't paint a picture they grab your arm."

- The Iowa Entertainer

"Amber Norgaard is an original and can be marketed to the target audience. Amber was very strong overall, focused with good songs and style."

- Jake Hooker, Edge Management | kudos for 2007 Winery Music Awards performance

"Girl Pop in all its glory. The CD was chocked full of introspective lyrics..."

- Annette Warner, GoGirls Music

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Music on the Mountain Concert Series: Mt. Lemmon / Summerhaven, AZ
Arts on Grand / Spencer, IA
J Bar @ La Paloma Resort / Tucson, AZ
Little Swan Lake Winery / Estherville, IA
Old Town Center for the Arts / Cottonwood, AZ
Pride in the Desert / Tucson, AZ
Green Valley Farmer's Market / Green Valley, AZ
Glass Onion Cafe / Tucson, AZ
Wisdom's Cafe / Tumacacori, AZ
Sheraton Fire + Spice Restaurant / Tucson, AZ
St. Philip's Saturday Farmer's Market / Tucson, AZ
Irish Pub / Tucson, AZ
Nimbus Bistro & Brewery / Tucson, AZ
Green Valley Country Fair / Green Valley, AZ

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Listen to the Wind ( Iowa Farm Song ) | Long Way Home album

Well I don't believe in regret
Shoulda been is always too late
And it's all a lesson in lovin'
Growin' in the season
Watch the clouds roll in
They'll tell me what to plan
As long as I listen to the wind

Well, I don't know where I'm goin'
I will tell you where I've been
Sometimes I break down
I learn to get up again
I am strong as the road
That carries all my load
Keeps my wheels spinnin'
And my heart exposed

It's the simple things that feed my soul
Like mornin' coffee on the porch
Gatherin' up the eggs
Takin' care of mama
Goin' gamblin' with daddy
He taught me how to win
It's all in how I listen to the wind

Repeat Chorus

Some folks may judge our ways
When we drive the tractor down the highway
Country life is not made by racin'
There is wisdom in the land
Always a helpin' hand
Goin' 55
It's hard to listen to the wind

Repeat Chorus

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